Want to expand your business: Have a firm grip on the local language

If you are a businessman, planning to expand your business, then you must keep one thing in mind that locals of a place are more inclined to the person who communicates with them in their own language. So in other words, one can say that the success of your business depends on how well you communicate with the locals. Here in this article we will tell you how having a firm grip on the language helps you expand your business and how knowing the local language would give you the edge over your competitors.

Being a businessman you must be familiar with the fact that before shifting a business to a new city, you always do the market survey and this is very important, as through this survey you are actually able to predict the future of your company in the new country. Now, if you are not fluent in the local language then you would never be able to get the true picture of the country as language is the first and foremost thing that defines the culture of a place, and knowing the language of that particular place can actually be a game changer for you and you could actually depict the culture of the country through language. So, it is strongly suggested that even if you cannot learn the whole language you must learn a few phrases and words from the language so that you would not have to face embarrassment in the country.

Yes, it could be a total embarrassment for you if a client comes to meet you and you are unable to communicate your intentions to him. Though you might have the luxury of a translator, but then again, there are some things which you cannot disclose in front of a translator, so in that case you could avoid this awkwardness through learning the language. Even if the translator is a trustworthy person, you cannot completely rely on him, as the message surely, changes with translation. Here, the example of a Great Chinese leader Mao would help you understand what actually happens, once Mao was having a meeting with an important leader and the translator was translating Chinese to English for him, now at one point he interrupted the translator and said that he has not translated correctly a certain word, the rest of the conversation can be read in the history books, but the thing that must be understood is that how handy it is to know the local language. Successful business people are often polyglots so you must also learn new languages.

So, if you are planning to shift your business to a new place, then you must learn their language, as then you can contact different people through social networking sites for your business and ask them about the place and what do they think about your product, would it be successful in their country, what sort of marketing strategy should be used all of this is possible only if you are fluent in those few languages.


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