5 astuces pour apprendre une langue étrangère

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Les erreurs à éviter et les habitudes à adopter pour réussir

Il existe une opinion que certains gens sont plus doués en langues que les autres. Certes, s’ils choisissent une bonne méthode d'apprentissage. En fait, ce n'est qu'une question d'habitude et de votre bonne volonté.

Pour vous aider à réussir, nous mettons à votre disposition les 5 astuces qui pourront vous faciliter la tâche.
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We ended the last issue by saying that learning another language meant learning the dictionary, the grammar, and the sound system of the language in order to be able to properly encode and decode messages.

Let's develop this idea further. Let's say that you speak English and want to learn Chinese. (Linguists would say that your L1 is English and your L2 is Chinese.) If you are a beginner, then you can easily put your thoughts into English and you can also understand things said to you in English, but you can't put your thoughts into Chinese or understand anything said to you in it either.
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Mistakes you should avoid while learning a new language

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There is an opinion that some people are more gifted in languages than ​​others. Certainly, if they choose a good learning method. In fact, it is only a matter of habit and your good will.

To help you succeed, we offer you 5 tips that will make your language learning process easier.

Listen to speak better

According to some linguists, we begin to learn our firs language during the so-called «silent» periond, i.e, as babies, we learn by listening to understand and reproduce sounds. We need to listen because it helps us to put in order the learned vocabulary and retain grammatical structures, therefore, to lay the foundations of our language.
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